Vakuum gauge digital Pirani VPR 1

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Zák. číslo: 2515 00 0000

The device consists of an electronic part, two gauzes and two cables with connectors. The PIRANI VACUUM meter measures the total pressure of gases and vapors in the evacuated areas by an indirect method based on the principle of measuring the thermal conductivity of gases in relation to their absolute pressure. The device processes the signals from the two independent gauges. The vacuum meter can also be used for direct control of technological processes using four power relay outputs. The instrument is calibrated for air.

Technické údaje

  • Measured pressures 105 – 1 x 10-1 Pa
  • Measurement accuracy Faktor 3
  • Drip connection flange KF 16
  • Dimensions of dipstick Pr. 30/93
  • Power voltage 220 V/ 50 Hz
  • Power consumption 5 VA
  • Dimensions 223 x 300 x 130 mm
  • Weight 5,23 Kg


Vakuum gauge digital Pirani VPR 1
Vakuum gauge digital Pirani VPR 1