Rotary oil pump VRO 2/21 S

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Zák. číslo: 2150 01 0000

Two-stage rotary oil pump, air-cooled with a pumping speed of 2 m3/h, intended for continuous pumping of closed volumes. When reducing the suction pressure of the pump, the pumping power decreases and when the limit pressure is reached, it is zero. The intake air must be dry and must not contain mechanical impurities, aggressive gases and vapors. The vacuum pump is equipped with a manual valve for closing the suction port, a manual valve for airing the suction port and a manual valve for closing the exhaust.

Technické údaje

  • Pumping speed at suction pressure 105 Pa 2 m3/h
  • Limit pressure of non-condensable gases and vapors when closed flushing valve < 20 Pa
  • Limiting total pressure with the purge valve open < 1.102 Pa
  • Max. partial pressure of pumped water vapor when open flush valve 2.103 Pa
  • Minimum temperature of the vacuum pump including the oil filling for a cold start 15°C
  • Connection dimension of suction nozzle KF16, DIN 28403
  • Oil filling approx. 125 ml
  • Supply voltage 230 V/50 Hz
  • External dimensions of the vacuum cleaner (L x W x H) 236x130x178 mm
  • Weight 5.6 kg


Rotary oil pump VRO 2/21 S
Rotary oil pump VRO 2/21 S

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