Diaphragm pump VM 40 D

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Zák. číslo: 2303 00 0000

The vacuum pump is a source of underpressure or pump for non-aggressive and non-explosive, dirt-free gases and wherever pure oil-free operation is required. Pumps can be used in laboratories, health, food, packing facilities, and the like. The working chambers can be interconnected in parallel, thus increasing the transport volume to double or in series, when we reach a reduction in the limit pressure. For smooth running of the pump, we recommend equally load both chambers.

Technické údaje

  • Limit suction pressure at serial connection  4 kPa
  • Limit suction pressure at paralel connection 14 kPa
  • Pumping speed at 105 Pa at serial connection Cca 40 – 5% l/min
  • Pumping speed at 105 Pa at paralel connection Cca 80 – 5% l/min
  • Output hose Js 10
  • Input hose Js 13
  • Engine power 180W
  • Power voltage 230V/50Hz
  • Weight 8,6 kg


Diaphragm pump VM 40 D
Diaphragm pump VM 40 D

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