Diaphragm Pump VM30S12

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Zák. číslo: 2301 00 0001

The vacuum pump is designed to pump non-aggressive gases and vapors, either as a vacuum pump or bulk pump. The ingested medium must be free of larger mechanical impurities. The vacuum pump is designed for both intermittent and continuous operation. It is not designed to operate as a compressor. It is equipped with a 12 V motor - it can be also used in the field and power it by car battery. 

The vacuum pump can be used for hygiene, health, environmental, and so on. We would like to consult with customer the purpose of use.

The vacuum pump consists of a drive motor and a self-propelled pump. The exhaust throat is equipped with a filter that also acts as a silencer. The suction hose is equipped with a 7 mm Js outlet, to which a hose of 9 to 10 mm can be connected. The supply cable can be fitted with a car plug at the customer's request.


Technické údaje

  • Limit suction pressure < 20 kPa
  • Pumping speed 32 l/min
  • Output hose Js 7
  • Input hose Js 9, Js 10
  • Engine power 40W
  • Power voltage 12 V
  • Dimensions 220x95x120 mm
  • Weight 1,9 kg


Diaphragm Pump VM30S12
Diaphragm Pump VM30S12
Diaphragm Pump VM30S12

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